Become a Food Supplier

You can be a food rescue champion. Let us save your surplus from going to waste.

What is a food supplier?

Any business or individual who wants to reduce food waste. From supermarkets, global food manufacturers and commercial growers to cafes, restaurants, caterers, and food trucks. We want your surplus. This could be some scones and muffins or pallet loads. 

What about health and safety?

Provided the food was safe and suitable when it was donated, and came with any information needed to keep it safe and suitable, food suppliers are protected from civil or criminal liability under the Food Act 2014. We do our best to ensure that all donated food is safe and suitable for consumption, including taking all practicable steps to ensure that it is stored correctly until the time of distribution.

How it works.

Please complete the become a supplier form and we will be in touch.

Why join On The House?

By giving your surplus food to us, you will reduce your landfill costs, reduce your waste, and feel good about all your hard work being appreciated by those who need it most. You will also contribute to enhancing the community through kai and kindness. We let the community know that you support us by acknowledging you on our Facebook page, website, and any other way that we can.