About Us

We are all about less waste and more taste!

On The House is a charitable trust founded in 2017 with three core pillars: reducing food waste, feeding people who need it, and building community through connection and participation. We are a social solution to an environmental issue. 

During the 2023/24 Financial Year we rescued over 182 tonnes of surplus food (equivalent to 403,822 meals and a retail value of approx. $1.26 million) from over 40 regular suppliers such as supermarkets, growers, caterers, food producers and cafes. This prevented emissions equivalent to 545 tonnes of CO2 and saved 115.5 million litres of water from the production cycle. 

We then redistributed this rescued food to 11 foodbanks, over 20 community groups, and at our own pop-up free stores which were attended by over 10,000 households. 

Our Community Food Hub and pop-up free stores provide welcoming spaces that bring the community together through the collection of food by recipients as well as providing volunteering opportunities. During this period, over 100 active volunteers embodying manaakitanga principles contributed more than 5,900 hours in these spaces.

Food Rescue gives dignity to surplus food and those that need it. OTH aligns with the national Mana Kai Framework by supporting Mana o te Whenua (natural energy of the environment), Mana Kai (sustenance from food), Mana o te Tangata (harvesting and fair distribution of food), and Ngā Nuinga (responsibility to share food). OTH also creates benefits aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, including No Poverty, Zero Hunger, and Sustainable Cities and Communities.

 If you need food, then you are welcome to attend our free stores. No forms to fill out.

Our free store doors are open to anyone in need regardless of circumstances or background.